WordPress By Default

We now provide WordPress as the default web interface so for the last year we are a WordPress hosting provider rather than a generic website provider. Most customers want WordPress anyway so we just install it by default. Our customers don’t even have to use FTP to upload any files. They can simply log straight into their WordPress admin backend and start creating their website.

Previous Custom PHP Website

Previous Custom PHP Site 2005-2019

Up until mid-April 2019 our old website used a custom PHP script first built around 2005 which allowed us to create and edit pages online.

It looked dated compared to modern layout standards but it was responsive and “mobile friendly” which was ahead of it’s time in its hey day.

It was also very lightweight and super fast to load in a web browser. The old site did well to last so long through various server and browser upgrades so it will RIP in a public GitHub repository.

First WordPress Based Design

First WordPress Design Early-2019

Seeing that we are now primarily a WordPress Hosting provider it is appropriate that we update our main website using WordPress as well.

It uses an almost empty theme and relies on Elementor Pro for the entire page layout including the header, footer, archive posts and single post page templates.

We pre-install the free version of the Elementor Page Builder along with the Astra theme which provides a pretty good environment to create a great website without any extra expense.

Elementor Youtube Tutorial

WordPress Tutorial With Elementor

To the right is a very good Youtube video tutorial about how to create a Elementor plus Astra based website for free.

The video linked below starts in at 15 minutes because the first part is all about getting hosting and installing WordPress but Spiderweb clients already have WordPress set up ready for you to login and start creating your site.