Old Custom PHP Website 2005-2019

Spiderweb is in the process of transitioning to a new cloud based server and billing system over the next few months. The new industry standard billing system will introduce some changes to the way we interact with you via email.

The new temporary domain is called spiderweb.cloud, and it will enable us to gradually move from the old server at spiderweb.com.au to the new servers at spiderweb.cloud. So if you see messages coming from admin@spiderweb.cloud then don’t worry, that is our new server system introducing itself.

The new servers are faster and far more flexible than our current system, allowing us to handle future growth. The Domain, Web and Mail services running on the new hardware are also more advanced and flexible than what we currently offer. Mail services will be more secure and both DNS and Web provisioning can optionally be cached at multiple points around the world.

Update: as from September 2019 the server transition is now complete and the new server has been renamed back to spiderweb.com.au.